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A common condition affecting about one of every three men between the ages of 40 and 60 is erectile dysfunction (ED), the inability to achieve or sustain an erection during sexual intercourse. While oral medications have been used to treat ED, namely Viagra® and Cialis®, they are temporary solutions, have possible side effects, and are not appropriate for men who take certain medications for other conditions.

The primary cause of ED—insufficient blood supply to the penis—is now being addressed by several new long-lasting sexual dysfunctiom treatments. Blood supply to the vital organs diminishes with age, and the penis needs a supply of blood to keep it erect. Other reasons for inadequate sexual performance—including enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, surgical after-effects, medical conditions such as diabetes, and effects of medications—are also addressed by these new treatments.

Erectus Shot®

The Erectus Shot® is a form of therapy that combines stem cells with platelet rich plasma (PRP) from the patient’s own body. The stem cells contribute regenerative properties while the PRP adds growth and healing properties. This combination rejuvenates the penis by promoting the growth of new blood vessels that deliver blood to the penis and by regenerating healthy new tissue in the injected areas. This therapy also restores sensitivity to the penis and results in erections that are achieved more quickly and maintained longer.

The Erectus Shot® is administered on an outpatient basis in RevitaLife’s comfortable clinical setting. A small amount of fat is extracted from the abdomen and serves as the source of the stem cells, and blood containing PRP is drawn from the arm. Separately, these substances are placed in a centrifuge to isolate the stem cells and the PRP, then the stem cells and PRP are combined to form the injectable substance. A topical anesthetic is used to numb the injection area of the penis, so general anesthesia is not administered, and the process is relatively pain-free. Minimal redness, swelling, or bruising may occur after the procedure.

Features of the Erectus Shot® are:

  • It is a natural treatment because it uses the patient’s own stem cells and blood plasma.
  • There is no recovery time, and normal activities, including sexual activity, may be resumed on the same day.
  • In addition to restoring blood supply to the penis, the Erectus Shot® may result in increased size of the organ.

The Erectus Shot® offers a more long-term solution to the ED problem, and there is restoration of spontaneity to the male sex life and self-esteem to the man himself. The effects of the Erectus Shot® may be realized for as long as two years, and even longer in some cases. In addition to improving the duration and quality of the erection, men also report heightened desire, greater pleasure from the sexual experience and, in some cases, increased girth and length of the penis. As with all procedures of this nature, individual results will vary.

Priapus Shot®

Another solution to male sexual performance is the Priapus Shot®, or P-Shot®, which uses only platelet rich plasma (PRP) but not stem cells. The regenerative powers of PRP help to grow and regenerate healthy new tissue in the injected areas. The results include increased blood flow to the penis, more firmness of erection, increased nerve sensitivity and endurance, and heightened satisfaction. Additional benefits of the P-Shot® may include decreased prostate discomfort and improved urinary continence. As with all procedures of this nature, individual results will vary.

Consultation with Dr. Grubbs at RevitaLife will determine whether the Erectus Shot® or the P-Shot® is appropriate to meet your specific needs. Call RevitaLife at 941-377-4555 to schedule your consultation, or use the convenient online contact form.

GAINSWave™ for Erectile Dysfunction

GAINSWave™ is a new procedure for enhanced male sexual performance by improving erectile function and increasing sensitivity.

  • Strong blood flow to the penis is required for successful erection, and GAINSWave™ uses pulsating, high frequency, low intensity acoustical waves to stimulate the formation of new blood vessels.
  • The GAINSWave™ procedure also stimulates the growth of new nerve tissue in the penis, a process called neurogenesis, which heightens sensitivity and sexual pleasure.

Who can benefit from GAINSWave™? Because the aging process diminishes blood supply to the penis, this treatment is very appropriate for men with erectile dysfunction (ED). It is also used for men with Peyronie’s Disease, a condition that causes scar tissue or plaque to form inside the penis and leads to the penis curving upward or to the side. GAINSWave™ breaks down the scar tissue and reduces the curvature of the penis that is typical with this condition. Finally, GAINSWave™ is effective for any male who wishes to boost his performance in the bedroom with more enduring erections.

GAINSWave™ is a viable option to achieve male enhancement without drugs or the harmful effects associated with them. It is not a surgical procedure and is completely noninvasive. GAINSWave™ has had positive results in 80% of men with ED and 86% of all men who have received this treatment. Results last for an estimated 2-3 years. Six to 12 treatments are recommended for optimal results.

Peak Sexual Performance and Other Health Topics--A Conversation with Suzanne Somers

In a Forever Health interview, Suzanne Somers and RevitaLife's very own Dr. Gerald Grubbs have a detailed conversation about improving sexual function as you age through new innovative procedures ("shots" for sexual performance) performed right here in Sarasota. See the video below to learn about this new breakthrough for both men and women to restore sexual desire and peak sexual performance. This is a must-see video that also touches on thyroid issues and food allergies and sensitivities.

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