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At RevitaLife Vitality Center of Sarasota, we are committed to helping patients achieve optimal health and function throughout the different stages of their lives.

Our services include state-of-the-art anti-aging therapies, bioidentical hormone replacement treatments, and stem cell therapies in Sarasota, that enable patients to achieve total wellness while minimizing their risk for disease, as well as revolutionary treatments to achieve optimal sexual performance for both men and women.

With a focus on prevention, our anti-aging clinic in Sarasota develops customized plans that are tailored to meet the individual needs and goals of each patient while addressing existing health issues. We achieve this through a wide array of programs in Sarasota like hormone therapy, nutrition, weight management, IV therapy, pain management, detoxification, medical marijuana, and other programs. And, finally, our aesthetic services and exemplary skin care products will make our patients look and feel better on both the inside and the outside.

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Gerald E. Grubbs, MD, is a board-certified physician who specializes in age-managed medicine. He is revered for his ability to help patients stay healthy and vital as they age while minimizing their risk for disease. Dr. Grubbs’ vast knowledge of the use of innovative technology to detect, prevent and reverse aging-related diseases, combined with his experience as a radiologist, positions him as a leader in advanced clinical preventative medicine. He is the founder of RevitaLife Vitality Center of Sarasota, a premier anti-aging and cosmetic practice in Sarasota FL.

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Sarasota, FL 34232-6410
Phone: 941-377-4555
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Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
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"I started to see Dr. Grubbs about a year ago. I have Relapsing Remitting MS, and he and his wonderful staff have made a world of difference in how I feel. If you are looking for someone who is on the cutting edge of medicine, with a staff that genuinely cares about you, I would suggest you set up an appointment! If you want to be your very best, and feel and look great, RevitaLife can change your life!"
R. K.
"I am a nurse with VERY high expectations, particularly when it comes to my own healthcare. RevitaLife exceeded these expectations! From the moment you enter the office, you are warmly greeted by Ceilia who immediately makes you feel at home. The staff is both professional and caring. Marie, Deanna and Karen, the nurse practitioner, are on target every step of the way. I value their oversight and I was treated in a timely, clean, comfortable environment. I also cherish their laughter, an essential part of everyone's well-being. It is without hesitation that I would both professionally and personally recommend my RevitaLife Family to anyone!"
B. S., RN, Sarasota
"I've been going to RevitaLife for two years now and it's been an excellent experience. I get vitamin C there, and everyone working are helpful and super friendly. I love them all! I recommend looking into what they can offer you, and if you're having trouble, they work with you and have patience. I'm extremely grateful for this company because along with everything else I have to take to get my health up, I feel great and believe RevitaLife is making an impact on me."
A. S.
"I look and feel better thanks to the RevitaLife and their staff: Karen Gruber ARNP, excellent; Nurse Deanna, thank you for caring, you are always awesome; Ceilia front desk, excellent; Marie Gordon; and Dr. Grubbs; a great team on making people feel and look better at any age. Thank you."
G. R.
"RevitaLife has changed my life. I look better and more importantly I feel better. Dr. Grubbs is an awesome physician! Karen Gruber has been amazing for me. She answers all my questions and helps me through everything. Marie, Ceilia, and Deanna are also my favorite people. Don't hesitate to go to RevitaLife! "
R. F.
"Loving the weight loss results I'm getting using products from RevitaLife of Sarasota. Achievable and obtainable--a plan I can live with. That's not all they have to offer though, they prescribe natural vitamin therapy and supplements, do laser hair removal, cool sculpting, and much more. As soon as you walk into RevitaLife you are greeted by Ceilia who is always smiling, friendly and helpful. Karen Gruber, the ARNP, is professional and knowledgeable. Deanna is an excellent nurse. All other staff have been friendly as well. I highly recommend RevitaLife services."
D. D.
"Loving the weight loss results I'm getting using products from RevitaLife Sarasota. Achievable and obtainable--a plan I can live with. That's not all they have to offer though....they prescribe natural vitamin therapy and supplements, do laser hair removal, cool sculpting, and much more. As soon as you walk into RevitaLife you are greeted by Ceilia who is always smiling, friendly and helpful. Karen Gruber, the ARPN, is professional and knowledgeable. Deanna is an excellent nurse. All other staff have been friendly as well. I highly recommend RevitaLife services."
"After being diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus and being told there was no treatment for it, I decided to give RevitaLife a visit for custom IV therapy. They took an aggressive approach to get me back on the right track. The care and hospitality I received was second to none. Now I'm feeling like my old self again. Thank you!"
"I was ready for a surgical consultant for bladder incontinence when someone told me about ThermiVa. I found that RevitaLife offered this procedure and decided to go in and see what it was all about. This has been a life changing experience for me! I now have full control of my bladder and added moisture, and no more discomfort during sex, an added bonus. I couldn't have asked for better staff to explain the procedure and then make me feel comfortable during it. I would highly recommend this to all women."
"Competing after the age of 40 becomes exceedingly difficult in the fitness industry. This difficulty is magnified by the age gap between myself and many other younger competitors. Thanks to Dr. Grubbs and his miraculous anti-aging treatments, I have been able to close the age gap and remain first place in my division."
"It’s an easy diet to follow so most people can do it. I work seven days a week and am doing great. I lost lots of fat and five inches all around following Dr. Grubbs’ diet."
Dr. D. F., Emergency Room Physician
"I went to Dr. Grubbs because my hair was falling out gradually. He put me on a detoxification program for three months. I feel much better and my hair is slowly regenerating."
G. B., age 85, retired
"My energy level is much higher now and I have lost 20 pounds. Working with Dr. Grubbs has not just been about weight loss but more of a lifestyle change. In a little over a year, my cholesterol level went from 270 to 170. I also feel much sharper mentally and more alert in general."
J. S., age 51, Fire Arm Instructor
"It is remarkable that my diabetes is under control without medication. Ten years after meeting Dr. Grubbs, I feel better than when I was 50!"
D. K., age 70, retired
"Blood tests said my hormones were a mess. I’m not going to get younger so I want to feel better. I’m not throwing my money away; I know what each supplement is doing for me and I am feeling better!"
P. M., age 55, Nurse
"I climb mountains all over the world—including South and North America, the Andes, Bolivia—and trusting someone to prepare to face life or death adventures is critical and a rare find. Once I learned how meticulously Dr. Grubbs prescribed the medications according to the region of the world in which I would be climbing and the activities in which I would be involved, I realized how good he was."
A. J. H. age 49, Financial Adviser
"I came to Dr. Grubbs with a very upset stomach and needed weight loss. He determined that I had dairy allergies. After weaning off milk, I never had my chronic bad stomach since. We began the diet, and we also did colon cleansing and re-population of good bacteria. I lost 16 lbs. with much improved energy and mental focus. I have never felt better. Thanks, Dr. G."
D. M. C., age 51, insurance executive
"After age 50, I felt fatigued and I definitely felt my age. Today, thanks to bioidentical hormones and Dr. Grubbs, I feel like a new man. Bioidentical hormones turned back the clock 20 years!"
Dr. R. C., Physician
"I want to stay young. My stem cells are optimized now to the level that I can collect, store and later use them for therapy if needed. Bio-insurance is the best health insurance I can get. If the need arises, I can use my own stem cells to treat any illness or injury."
V. D, age 42, Mechanical Engineer
"I had been developing high blood pressure because I was entering menopause and my doctors could not control it. Dr. Grubbs put me on a program that got my blood pressure down and it has stayed in control since. I do everything Dr. Grubbs tells me to do and I have been pain free for the first time since I was 13 years old!"
Jen B., age 54, accountant
"Gerald Grubbs is brilliant, concerned, and in the avant-garde. Needless to say, but I?ll say it: I recommend him to you."
Carroll. F., retired
"My blood tests showed that my liver, kidneys and hormone levels were messed up big time. After a regimen of hormone replacement and detoxification, I started feeling better within a month. I have felt progressively better and feel like a new person now."
G., age 31, martial arts trainer
"Dr. Grubbs put me on a cleanse and detoxification program and saw me every month to track my progress. Two years into the treatment, he put me on a medically supervised diet and I lost 45 pounds in two years, which has been perfect because I have had no problems keeping it off and I feel great!"
L. M., age 44, Professional Speed Boat Driver
"I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 18 years, and in that time I have met with many doctors and specialists. Dr. Grubbs is a true doctor! He truly cares for his patients. Countless times Dr. G has called me out of the blue to inform me he has gone to another seminar or traveled half way around the globe and thinks he is on to something to alleviate my symptoms and bring my body to full optimum potential to fight my disease."
D. E., age 41 , Former Model
"Through comprehensive examination, Dr. Grubbs has been able to discover the root causes of my numerous health issues and planned a systematic approach to resolve these problems. Through chelation, thyroid medication, and hormone pellet therapy, there has been significant improvement. My heightened energy level has been readily noticed by friends and family. I feel hopeful that a complete recovery is possible under his care and guidance."
L. H., age 46, LPN
"My girlfriend wants to send Dr. Grubbs a thank you note for improving our sex life!"
R. R., age 52
"At the beginning of 2009, my back had gotten so bad that I weighed 245 pounds. I decided to ask Dr. Grubbs for help. He put me on a cleanse followed by a weight loss program, and in six months I am down to 194 pounds and within sight of my ideal weight of 180"
B. P., age 46, Advertising Executive
"I prefer a doctor who looks for the cause of an illness or injury rather than giving me a pill to eliminate the symptom, which does not provide lasting relief and has severe side effects. I lost 45 lbs. in half a year between the cleanse program, the detox, and the running. It is extremely important when you lose weight that the toxins are transported out of your intestinal tract and other organs."
C. H. age 33

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